A Hush with Death

With so many questions left unanswered, the heroes are torn between making haste and finding closure. But as their celebrity has grown, so too has their exposure to unresolved matters from their past.

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HEY TROY – Upgrading the starship doesn’t cost credits out of the PC’s pockets. The ship levels with the crew, It’s tier is the same as the average character level on the ship. The higher the tier, the more “Build Points” the ship has for lasers and stuff. It’s assumed either their employers pay for upgrades or the crew uses salvage from space battles to upgrade the ship,

“Free”, in other words.


If that gnome’s injection was a poison, Friss would have taken 8 points of HP (not stamina) damage even if he made his fortitude save. Poisons ALWAYS deal damage equal to the DC -10. Super deadly.


Anybody going to mention to Ellie that Exo-cortex already provides her heavy armour proficiency? (CRB p79) Don’t waste your feat Ellie!


Build Points. You get Build Points at new levels. That’s how you upgrade your ship. It’s totally separate from money.


OMG read what the fly spell does at your level, YOU ARE NOT FLYING!

Kyle Ashcraft

I want a good morning glipglorp t-shirt now.


I feel like the nostrodomus(spelling) of GCP land


Psst! Guys,,,the ambassador stole your noqual! You got ripped.

Mark W.

Yeah, I was going to mention that the ambassador has all of the loot they left on the ship. Where’s the greed, Starfinders?!


@52:50ish Troy said that they got the Noqual back from skeletor, unless I am mistaken.


Yep, they got it after they left the office. I posted as I was listening to it before Troy compensated them…but bad form for adventurers though 🙂

Mark W.

Yep, Troy had to point it out to them.