Acts of the Colossals

As the Hersir flees and the camp is yet again on high alert, the heroes must make a campaign-altering decision whether to press on and pursue or fall back and prepare for a critical strike!

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Cesar Gallardo

Love the speed control option listening to you guys talk in .5x speed is great makes you guys sound like how movies depict stoners when they start getting high lol

Kieran Leopold

FYI, on Spotify the episode labeled 174 is just a repeat of 173, and 175 is correct. I couldn’t find this episode on any of my other podcast apps either.

Tyler Bennett

Was very confused and upset when I went from 173 to 175 on Spotify. Glad I managed to find 174! Please clear this up with Spotify, the issue hasn’t been resolved!

Adam Cottrell

same as on google play


For keeping you honest, the “projectiles” hardness and hit points of objects is based on bows and crossbows, wooden weapons. A pistol is more like a one-handed metal hafted weapon, with hardness 10 and 20 hit points.


Adding to ways the team is cheating … Joe failing to mention that the winter wolf can use its frost breath to dispel portions of the Wall of Fire. C’mon man, don’t make Troy make you all read every single spell description out loud before casting it… 😉

Doug Becker

That might not be a bad idea, as they are missing so much by not reading the ENTIRE spell description. #knowyourspells


I’m pretty sure he mentioned that in the last episode- not specifically that winter wolves could, but that cold damage reduces its effectiveness

Keith Smith

Someone may want to check this one …. I’m fairly sure that’s 173, not 174.

Dax Thura

Thanks for fixing that.