Airlock to Remember

The crew of the Sarissa capture and interrogate a Corpse Fleet officer.

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There are a bunch of total morons rubbishing this episode. One of the best, keep it up and pay no attention to the fools.


Come on, Angus, why the name calling? Don’t confuse criticism with a vicious ATTACK. We’re all here to have fun. BTW, I love your profile icon. 🙂

The Legendary ZERO

This episode was pretty amusing, contrary to the self-righteous people listening who seem to forget, the podcast is free, they don’t OWE you anything and it’s a game that’s free form and they can “play” it any way they want. If YOU want to rules lawyer you can always run your own campaign, record it and post it online. Otherwise, stop whining and enjoy the program or don’t listen, no one’s making you. To anyone that wants an actual review: This episode was very flavor. That’s not a gripe just letting you know, all in all, more character piece then… Read more »


This is a sponsored, official Paizo podcast. To say “they don’t OWE you anything” is incorrect. This is THE OFFICIAL podcast for Starfinder and should be of the highest possible quality, I’m sure Paizo feels that way. I offer my criticisms and rules advice in the hopes for a better experience. I praise the podcast very often and enjoy it very much. We’re all having fun here, mate.


A big gripe I have is that Eox is sooooooo friggin’ cool. Instead of the crew coming face to face with all the crazy alien undead sights on Orphus, it was all flatly summarized by an A.I.’s emotionless voice. The crew didn’t even have to make a culture roll. Troy has to remember that they don’t have internet in the Drift. He’s basically making an entire skill useless. Fun side-note, the crew of the Sarissa is being super prejudiced (racist) against an entire race of people. They literally suspect they’re all terrorists. Dr. Friss’s hate-speech about undeath is basically putting… Read more »




I’m seeing a lot of negative nancies. This episode was cool, I’ve been waiting for the characters to have a moment to chill and get to some backstory stuff. If I wanted a podcast were they robotically (pun not intended) played an AP without having the characters react, I wouldn’t be following the GCP


That’s fine, i wouldn’t want that either. I do expect them to actually play Starfinder, though.


After a string of GREAT episodes, feel free to skip this one. The crew of the Sarissa talked too much, didn’t move the plot along and didn’t play Starfinder.


Agreed. There was a lot of ‘philosophy’.

Even the pre-game banter – usually so excellent! – was a bit tired this episode.

There were some nice touches near the end. Eox = Sweden, etc.


“No cold damage from space, interesting.”

Flash freezing in space is a Hollywood fantasy. In fact, in a vacuum, you would freeze slower than you would in similar temperatures in an atmosphere. This is due to the lack of convection (no air). Space is actually great for undead since bacteria can’t consume their flesh and one’s body temperature doesn’t change very rapidly, even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

That and skeletons are immune to cold in Starfinder.


Not sure why this was downvoted, since it’s pretty much correct.

In fact, one of the major concerns when making space suits is how to get rid of heat, since the body will just keep warming up the suit until it reaches body temperature, which isn’t comfortable to be in.


That was the most profound thing I have heard across all your podcasts, and maybe ever… And it came from JOE!?! All living things are selfish creatures but our species success comes from the society that we’ve created. Beautiful. You could leave the podcast and do a Ted Talk. Troy wouldn’t be your boss, you’d never have to roll another dice again. Could be a good move.


Pfft! If dribbling horse puckey was a payable skill I’d be a billionaire! :p