All Along the Botchtower

A duet of failed stealth checks leaves a split party in the most dangerous predicament they’ve faced since entering Skirgaard!

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Pembroke is best broke.

William Drummond

This episode now puts Elon Musk as one of the 4 other living famous people I would love to RP with. Elon…. a couple of things are gonaa happen…


They didn’t really elaborate what the “spontaneous casting” house rule was that they nixed. I believe it’s something like: If you’re a prepared caster, you only need to prepare your spells of the highest level you can cast – you can spontaneously cast all spells below that level. So, if you’re a 5th-level Wizard, you must prepare your 3rd-level spells, but you can spontaneously cast all of your 0, 1st-, and 2nd-level spells (though they must be spells from yuor spellbook. If you’re a 5th level Druid, you can spontaneously cast any 0, 1st-, or 2nd-level Druid spell in the… Read more »


This was my exact argument against it in our gaming group. If EVERYONE gets to be spontaneously casting it negates the purpose of Sorc like casters. We would also have to house rule that all Sorc like casters have access to their entire spell list, not just spells known to keep things fair…


Meh, I could go either way. It is already common known strategy for prepared casters to purposely leave slots open so they can already prepare the utility spell(s) they might need. For a radio show, this house rule kept things moving along. For a non-radio show game, yes this houserule is a tad overbalanced, but it isn’t much of a step beyond leaving slots open and taking 10 minutes to prepare them (at least for any non-combat spells). I could definitely see allowing this still for 0 and 1st level spells and perhaps only spellcasting outside combat.