Androids & Aliens Announcement!

Good afternoon Glass Cannon Nation. It’s your old buddy Troy coming to you with some very exciting news for the Network. Exciting is the word we’re going with because we, the Glass Cannon five, could not be MORE excited at the prospect of what this announcement may mean for the future of our business. Knowing the naish as we do, though, this news may also be a little bit controversial. Have I piqued your interest yet?

When Joe and I went full-time with the Network, one of the first things we did was take a step back and evaluate what we’re currently doing – how is everything we’re spending our time on contributing to the growth of the Network, how can we continue to expand efficiently and where do changes need to be made. Taking this business from a Mom & Pop lemonade stand to a fully operational Death Star has involved reassessing everything from the ground up and starting over in many ways. Once we had a chance to examine everything and do a detailed analysis of what needs to change, a spotlight fell on Androids & Aliens as a product we felt we could experiment with in order to grow our audience and revenue in new ways.

I mentioned in the State of the Nation video last year that advertising was something we were considering. As we approach a year of producing Androids & Aliens ad-free like all of our other shows, we think now is an optimal time and Androids is the perfect show to experiment with ad placement. After several conversations and wanting to ensure that any new venture is handled with the same care and attention to detail that we give to everything on the Network, we are thrilled to announce an upcoming partnership with Starburns Audio.

If you’re not familiar with Starburns, I urge you to check out their website. They are the company behind Harmontown and they are owned by the studio that produces Rick & Morty. To have Androids join their lineup of comedy podcasts is a huge boon for all of us because if this helps us to bolster our footprint, it means more of what you love coming from the Glass Cannon Network in the future. If we want to compete with the shows that are getting 1 million downloads per month, partnerships like this have the potential to increase the speed at which that can happen.

I’m sure a lot of you are curious as to whether an ad-free version will be made available either on Patreon or via a subscription service. At the moment, I don’t have any plans for that because, frankly, that’s not what this experiment is about. I also don’t want the story we’re telling with A&A tied up in that one RSS feed we have for the Patreon where their platform does not offer the functionality yet to have separate shows with their own feed. That’s not to say we won’t offer it in the future, but for right now, we need to see if this is going to work as is stands. There is a lot more at stake now than there was a year ago when people’s livelihoods didn’t depend on the success or failure of the Network. The Patreon itself is going to be undergoing changes soon as we add another show to our lineup with our upcoming Emerald Spire playthrough GM’d by Joe. We’re bringing new personalities onto the Network as well. All of these changes cost more time and money. For the cost of a cup of coffee, I want people to feel like they’re getting more than their money’s worth with Raiders and soon Emerald Spire, not bummed out about what they’re not getting.

We understand that some of you have expressed trepidation with ads disrupting the narrative flow and we want you to know that we hear you. We wouldn’t be taking this amazing opportunity if we didn’t think it was a good decision for the future of what we’re doing. That’s why I want to be as transparent as possible right out of the gate, explaining why we’re making these changes and what it may mean. We have a lot of exciting plans that are slowly but surely coming to fruition, but we need your continued support to make it happen. If you have questions or concerns, I encourage you to reach out and ask them. There are a lot of loud voices out there in the interweb that make assumptions about what we do that others take as fact. Please let us know your questions and we’ll give you the facts. We take customer feedback very seriously.

Thank you for continuing to go with us on this journey. We are pumped for what’s coming up and hope you will continue to take the ride with us.

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Ryan Lively

Hey guys. New-ish listener but already a huge fan of your work! Some podcasts feel more like ads with a podcast around it, but I’m sure you guys will be smart about transition. I plan on switching my patreon support from some less deserving pods to you, and ads won’t change my decision. Good luck and remember to have fun!

Tom Dodge

So to my understanding, “Andriods and Aliens forever!” and by season 10, DAX will finally get that Mulan Szechuan sauce.

Bring on the ads. You guys have earned some pay for all this weekly content we enjoy.

Mike Fleeman

Do you really think dax will make it to season 10? Remember whos rolling…


Congrats fellas! I’m a Twitch sub, Patreon sub, and gear buyer and I think joining up with Starburns is absolutely a great move. People complaining about ads can chill – if it really bothers you that much just fast forward like you do on every other podcast you listen to. Quality content costs money to produce. Do whatever you boys gotta do to keep the dream alive – a podcast with ads is much better than no podcast at all.


I really hope you reconsider adding an ad free version to the patreon feed. One of the things I loved was that your podcasts did not have ads, but still managed to have great content and find away to pay the bills. It’s one of the reasons I’m a patreon supporter.

Now I’m not going to lie and threaten to take away my patreon support. I can only speak for myself but I have no problem with Androids and Aliens in the Champagne Room.


Patreon supporter here who’s fine with ads. Money’s tight for me and I’m not able to give as much financial support as I feel GCP deserves/needs to expand their content. Ads are a great way for GCP to expand without costing listeners another dime!


Ads. Meh. So what? This ain’t the ’80s where you had to sit through them to get to your content. Just FF through ’em. Easy enough. What this post makes me think about is diversity and inclusion. I wrote GCP an e-mail a few weeks ago after the announcement of Troy and Joe going full time and expanding the content, and now with the knowledge that you’re actively casting, you need more diversity and inclusion. It’s time to get some people of color and different sexual orientation on the show. Those players are out there. I know this for a… Read more »

Tron williams

Sorry you’re getting downvoted . Apparently this isnt a good place to lodge any issues you have with the cast. The naish tolerates no critiques


I’m completely fine with this. As a Patreon subscriber I want you to expand and have new business opportunities. Thank you for all your quality content!


Jeepers! No to ADS! Like others, I contribute via Patreon to keep cools things like Androids and Aliens ad-free. If I’m listening to ads while subscribing then I find it a little backward, IMHO. What’s worse is that to me ads in podcasts are pointless, I skip over them and have actively decided not to buy something in the past because I hate a vendors advert so much! Please, please, please rethink this – A & A is one joy on my Thursday morning commute every week – and I even share with non-gamers who ‘enjoy’ it (sometimes) 😛 Thanks… Read more »


If anything I thought you should have started putting adds earlier! it’s a sound business decition


Naah, ads aren’t for me. I throw all my money at you with wishes of love and my desire to see you succeed at what you do is unbroken. But I’m not going to listen to any ad. You need more money to grow the network? just ask for what you need and the Nation will stand up and make it happen like it has always been.

I won’t be getting behind this.

nathan woodcock

I have absolutely no problem with this if it means the network goes on to bigger things. Advertising is the way media grows so go for it guys


It’s super cool that you are willing to be so transparent about any changes going forward. I have 0 issues with ads in podcasts and kind of regard it as the norm, but get that not everyone feels the same. For me, I’m down with whatever helps ya keep a roof over your heads and generating great content!


Ditto – For an example of ads done right, check out The Complete Guide to Everything podcast. They keep the ads humorous so I don’t mind them.

Mary Goddard

Well, not a fan of ads….but I am a fan of GCP. If the absolute best rpg pods now come with ads, so be it. I’m already hooked. 😉

Kevin Garrity

Androids and Aliens is the PERFECT place to test ads out. There is a HUGE opportunity for comedy gold here. Ad’s need to be presented by Roger Glipglorp “interupting your daily broadcast” with news from Absalom Station brought to you by Starburns Audio (or whichever sponsor you get in the future). Please do this


You monster. What have you just done hahaha

Brook Bullock

OMG! That’s brilliant! Product endorsements from Tumsy (“Hab you evvah haaaad ahhh Medical-Emergency? Well, let me tells you about Temple of dah Stars Med Centahh!”)
or even from cross platforms Howie the Grean Sting, Razmahtazz, etc.

Tron williams

Doesnt look like its gonna be those kinds of ads. Lol that would be good


Troy, you kinda buried the lede by opening with the “downside”. Where the hell are your sales skills? No bottlecap for you!

Seriously: a Starburns Audio partnership is great! Good get! I’m so excited to see what kinda exposure this gets the Network. Ads be damned: make em entertaining, and I’ll listen. (Hell, if you can get some affiliate codes so that GCN gets a kickback on sales, LET US KNOW. It could be the deciding factor in buying stuff off the ads.)

Godspeed, fellas!


Paragraph 5 – “we are bringing new personalities onto the network”

How is this not the real news? So curious about who and in what ways?

Gerardo A Perez-Valdes

100% for this, as long as it helps guarantee the continued delivery of the amazing work the GCP cast for many more years

Ethan Burgess

Honestly cant believe its taken this long. The fact that gcp has survived and thrived without ads is a testament to the great work and content going on here without the support of advertisements. I live my life 1 Tuesday and Wednesday at a time thanks to gcp and a&a and cant wait to join the patreon and get the rest of this content inside my dome!

Erik Zane

I’m not surprised by this turn of events. I’m in full support, as you would not be the first show I listen(ed) to that does this. Whatever gives you guys the ability to keep on keeping on is fine by me. My only piece of advice/request is this: If you’re going to record a mid-roll for ads, announce that we’re going into advertising land before hand, so that we listeners are not hit with a jolting drop into an ad. I’m sure y’all know this, but I’m putting it out there because I can. Thanks to all of you, for… Read more »

Jonathan Cadle

I think this is where we part ways. I was glad to support you guys on Patreon; I only have a Patreon account because of GCP. But ads are a hard no for me, especially if I’m paying a subscription fee.

Erik Zane

How much were you paying? That way, the naish can pick up on your slack.

Podcasts that have Patreon (or other funding sources like Maximum Fun) and ads is so common, you might be surprised to see how many people are in support of this paradigm. The amount of stuff you’ve been getting for a steal, even when paying monthly to Patreon, is incredible.


How dare you have an opinion!

Mike Fleeman

It’s about time! Im sure your adds will be as entertaining as the show!


What do you mean it’s been ad-free? What about all the maple syrup ads?
We’re used to those ads so I can’t see a problem with similar ones.


Glad you guys are taking another step to expand the babish! I am curious how the ads are going to be placed within the show. If you could tell us how many you plan on doing on each episode, 1, 2, or more? And where they will fall within them, a pre- and post- ad, or one after ever 20-minutes or so? Any light you could shed on this would be appreciated!

Troy Kingery

I’m a single dad with 3 teenage boys. As much as I would like to donate/subscribe via Patreon, I just can’t afford it at this point in my life. If placing ads in your shows helps the network grow and thrive financially, since I am not able to help out in that way, I am totally behind you guys on this and will gladly listen to a few ads. Keep up the great work, I look forward to GCP every Monday night and AA every Tuesday. Thanks for what you do.

Danny Hochstatter

I’m game! I’m more invested in GCP than any other form of entertainment on any media platform. At this point, what can I do for YOU?! If a short ad amidst my HOURS of weekly content will help you succeed even a little, sign me up!


It is seen

Brian Holden

Love what you all do!! Keep it up

Kolt Handy

We love you guys, keep doing what you’re doing. Adds are no big deal, odds are I’ll end up buying something just to support the show and if I don’t want to hear them I’ll just press the skip 15 sec button a few times. Also I’m surprised you didn’t go with something that had to deal with craft beer.


My favorite podcast teaming up with my second favorite podcast?!?! Please tell me this means you guys are going to get Spencer in on Emerald Spire? Or that Troy will be going on the next season of HarmonQuest?


I’m a patreon supporter and live in a version of
reality that understands that adds means more shows and better content. Just keep being mean to Joe ok?

Andy G,

I really appreciate how transparent y’all are about this stuff. It’s clear the focus is on doing more content-wise, but honestly, I’d up my parteon amount for the 3rd time this year for stretch goals like “health coverage for full-timers.” Whatever makes this viable for y’all long-term. Thanks for everything y’all do!

Tony Eros

I don’t mind ads; I would even put up with ads in the middle of an episode, though it’s not my preference, as long as the ads are in addition to the normal running time of an episode, not in place of content.

If a normal 1:10 episode becomes 1:05 with five minutes of ads, that would be a bad thing.

David B

I’m on board for the ads, hopefully this means that one day Cannon Fodder can come back *hint hint*

Jack M

I’m a Patreon supporter and a big supporter of this move as well. So stoked to see the network grow!!!


Do what you have to do to keep the dream alive!! So happy for you guys and proud to watch your hard work pay off. Love the network and always will.


Ads are fine, writing glass cannon 5 instead of 6 is unforgivable


This sounds like a great step forward, and I’m very happy for the opportunities this could afford the network! I don’t know how much say you have for where the ads are placed, but I hope they’re at the beginning of the ep instead of in the middle. I’ll gladly listen to an ad up front if it means the rest of the ep continues without interruption. Keep up the great work guys!

Joshua Sims

Hooray! I’m glad you all made this decision as it will certainly help to build the network. I don’t mind the ads at all!

Anwar Hanano

If it helps you guys feed your kids, keep the lights on, and helps the pod continue, do it. You guys have put everything on the line for the Naish and have already given so much. Thanks for the update and continue.

Aaron D West

Ads are pretty standard in podcasts. If an ad is going to keep someone from listening to the podcast, they probably weren’t that invested anyways.


MY NERDS! I’m so glad you are doing this. Boyfriend and I often say that we would be happy to listen to some ads on your podcasts if it helps support what you do (and maybe gets more of you FULL TIME). I hope the experiment proves to be successful so we can eventually have Glass Cannon everyday all the time forever always! #PraiseLog

Dalton Bjerklie

As far as adds are concerned I’m not all that bothered by them but I am a bit worried about the placement of the ads because ad placement can ruin a good video on YouTube. That being said I’m not going to stop listening to y’alls podcasts I’m just curious.


cool androids and aliens is mostly you guys talking and nothing happening so im psyched to stop listening. To be clear, there has been a general reduction in quality of both your flagship podcasts. I don’t care about ads , I just wish your solution to trying to compete was improving your content and not gathering sponsors. Im not sure if your heart just hasn’t been in it or the march to 200 was just tough, but androids and aliens has been about 50 percent joking and not advancing the plot. Id love to hear a podcast of you just… Read more »

JD Carver

I’d give it a shot before condemning it. They are a business after all. And I trust they will be able to make smart decisions about ad placement.


I edited my comment to reflect a slightly less sullen and shitty attitude.


well, to be clear, your edit didn’t work. I feel as if you accidentally started listening to some other podcast, because in my opinion, the quality continues to improve with each show and each episode. the only thing you said that i can even remotely agree with a little bit is that a podcast of them just shooting the breeze for an hour or so would be pretty awesome.

Karl Cross

Tim, your opinion is just as valuable as anyone else’s… ignore these Neanderthals with their negative comments toward you. Stand by your opinions and don’t let people like these Neanderthals affect you.

Jack M

I will never cease to be amazed by how whiny people get about something wonderful freely given to them. Your sense of entitlement is grotesque.


im a patreon supporter you dingus


Be fair, this is criticism, not complaint. It’s not entitlement to talk about how a free show is dipping in quality, it’s feedback.

Diana Castro

To each its own, I have a lot of fun listening to both the plot and the conversations (I also love the long rambling intros in raiders xD), I feel like that’s part of their brand, so it’s also a part of why I listen to their podcasts.

Also, most of the other podcasts I listen to have ads so I don’t mind them and I’d find it silly and sad for that to be a deal breaker for anyone, but well, nothing can be done about that.


Sorry that you’re getting hate, just hardcore fans protecting what they love. I’ve done the same before. I can see what you mean about the joking around, when you only have an hour and not a lot is happening plot wise, it’s just the GCP way to fill time with jokes and chat about off topic things. Although saying that, I don’t think this is a new thing, or that it’s related to the march to 200 in any way. GCP was this way early on in the story, difficult to have that in your mind if you have been… Read more »


I know how nerds about the sanctity of things they care about no worries about the hate I love how passionate people are, plus this is the internet so, you know its amplified. When podcasts like this get popular the cast gets more confident, they have become popular and now I feel like im being charged to like “hang out” with them and that seems not like what I signed up for. I see folks points about some hanging being part of the show, I think that to an extent that makes the liveplay experience more authentic. You touched on… Read more »


Tim – I understand your frustration. I think GCP is currently going through a transformation – from a typical (although high quality) RPG game podcast, into an entertainment channel based on gaming. This is change and change is hard – I myself have questioned some of Troy’s GMing decisions in the past, and think that this will part of that podcast they will need to work on – random character death doesn’t work in entertainment for example; plots means character arks are needed etc. I think of it as ‘- hey if I don’t like where they go, I can… Read more »

Ryan, A different one

I’d hate to lose the random character deaths. I come to listen to a quality table of Pathfinder/Starfinder being played. I wouldn’t want to play in a game where characters couldn’t die at any time, nor listen to an actual play that takes away the “actual play.” Sure, I’m sad to lose my current character, lovingly created, active story arc and all… I’m also sad to lose the same when it happens in the podcasts… but that’s RPG! The stories need to come out in play and the randomness of the die roll… there’s plenty of high-quality pre-written stories out… Read more »


I agree with all of that