Asteroid Flare-Up

The crew of the Sarissa regroup before jumping into the Drift en route to The Field of the Lost.

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Toni Carney

There’s a band called Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine that does covers of metal, rock, and rap songs in what they call “swingin’ Vegas” style. They’re pretty good. They covered Slipknot’s People = Shit and it was awesome.


Dax should really think about relinquishing his piloting duties. Perhaps the ship’s janitor would be more in line with his rolls. That way all he has to do in combat is clean the toilets.


The PCs should have received a chance to upgrade the ship before leaving Castrovel.


Something to think about future GM’s… There is no network connection to Absalom Station’s info-sphere in space (or in the drift). So when the characters study law or read about the Devourer Cult while traveling, they would need to purchase a “data set”. It’s only about 10 credits for a broad topic like law, but rare info might cost more. Players can’t just pull up information willy nilly while in space unless they left with the data on them. Of course, we can just hand wave it this time since they just left Castrovel and would have downloaded that stuff… Read more »


The Dice Gods giveth and taketh away Lord Lavalle.

Bryan Clever



There’s no such thing as a “rear” turret; it’s just a turret. The Chain Cannon can fire in any arc. If the captain took a gunners seat the Rivet can attack with 2 weapons each turn. You could’ve really put the boot in those 2 times you had the shields down. 🙂