Automatic for the Steeple

The battle within the Temple of the Twelve takes an unexpected turn.

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As I have read the comments over the last several episodes, I wonder why anyone responds to Andy’s comments. Yes, ironically, I realize this is, in a way, a response to Andy’s comment. 🙂 One thing I’d say that I find that might make the characters worry more is if Troy did not tell them how long a particular effect lasts. A dust cloud is created and it might have affected the character’s decision making had they not known it’s duration. I have noticed this in this series before, and in the GCP.


Great pod! Dr. Friss and Kresda are breaking the carrying capacity rules whenever “he hops onto her back”. Friss’s body without equipment probably weighs 60-80lbs, that is 6-8 bulk. Friss’s body and both characters’ equipment is probably enough bulk to cause the mystic to become encumbered and possibly overburdened. Even if Kresda had 20 str and was walking around naked, there are pretty good chances the bulk of Friss would exceed half her strength. “You can carry an amount of bulk up to half your Strength score without difficulty. If you carry more than that, you gain the encumbered condition,… Read more »


Shut the fuck up Andy