Bear With Us

With the threat of Skirgaard still looming, the party must recover from their losses and find a way to move forward.

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Pemboke was sounding like Dr. Fris for a few moments. 😀


“400 stories tall” … Uhhhhh, Troy does know that would be like, 4000 feet right? That’s one hell of a tower *sarcasm* ‘,:l

Cory Gilman

I have loved listening to you guys, which makes the next thing I am going to say that much harder. I was very bothered by the portrayal of Marin(spelling?). I am sure that it did not come from a cruel place or mean spirit, but I was made exceedingly uncomfortable by it none the less. This is not a good bye as of yet, but simply a statement so you know that at least one of your fans was bothered by that. I wish to see you continue in this journey, just with a touch more care.


Apologies for my ignorance but why was it offensive? It just sounded like a regular, goofy voice in my ears?


Because it’s cool to be overly sensitive and easily offended these days. There wasn’t actually anything wrong with it, hence the relatively large number of downvotes he’s gotten so far.

Cory Gilman

No apologies necessary Mary. It wasn’t just a silly voice, it was, to me, a crude caricature of a mentally handicapped individual , highlighted by the jokes about how Marin ended up handicapped. To me it was insensitive and unnecessary.

I hope that better explains what I am saying.


I agree that it’s questionnable territory. Also he’s like a native american?


Great episode! I love Joe’s new voice!


Love the new PC! Great work, Joe! Will we see the character sheet soon?


All in due time, Vickie. Gotta get some surprises in first!


Seriously, this is what I’m waiting for. I love the new Character too! I can’t wait to hear and see more!