Better Off Undead

With Nephandros defeated, the heroes must contend with the diseased aberration he left behind.

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Did anyone else, at that moment that Matthew dared to open his GODDAMN mouth to say that the cloak wouldn’t be useful in Dalgleith’s hands, shout out loud, “Ghost Touch dagger! GHOST TOUCH FUCKING DAGGER!!!” Like I did? Because Dalgleith would become a straight up invisible, intangible, sneak attacking murder machine.
I would have jumped across the table to shut his mouth for him if I’d been there in person.
Jesus, Matthew is so selfish when it comes to magic items.


If she is walking through walls and the maze it would take her some time. I mean it’s not like a computergame where you just walk in a straight line and clear the fog of war. It would easily take ten minutes. Consider she never had the sensation or experience of being ethereal. That’s not just “oh how nice”. Besides that her vision is not totally clear and is limited, so it would add to the time it takes her exploring rooms clearly. She also needs to go back again. Does her survival work the same on the ethereal plane?… Read more »

Geoff Garrett

Wow, what a great episode! Those crits, that ending….WHOOO!


My crit got used! WOO!

So sorry it was against undead so it was wasted lol.