Big Willy Style

As the party recovers after a draining battle with Marsh Giant Wights, another decision on which way to go next leads to a foreboding dead end.

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This is my 4th time listening to this episode and I just noticed that Troy used vital strike for his attack round but then applied it to his attack of opportunity as well (1:14:27). CHEATER! Lol.


You noticed that too huh….

Doug Sundseth

If only there were some sort of rule for getting a consistent number when not in combat, say a “10”, on skill check rolls. 9-) The value of Touch of Law is that you can be assured of a number during higher stress situations. Here, if you have a bonus of 5 on Climb checks, you can just Take 10. In fact that mechanic is specifically designed for situations like this one, where you have a relatively routine task that you want to routinely complete. It works great for this, or regular search checks (“We search every square before we… Read more »


Now THAT’S how you end an episode!