Bilge of Spies

The battle beneath the decks of the Chelish Devil reaches a bloody conclusion and the identity of the stowaway is finally revealed. But was she acting alone? And does an even greater threat await our heroes topside?

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Waaaiiiiit. So Gelabrous is FIVE FEET TALL normally? Lolwtf.


Don’t want to be that guy but, Giant Fire Beetles are small size creatures… So I don’t think it would have been okay in the sludge?


I feel like Skid is my long lost D&D twin in terms of arguing with the DM about how things should work XD
My thing is mainly when things are described or explained poorly in the source material either because they didn’t
know/care how the real world thing would work, or for the sake of “balance” like how default bayonet’s are written
with them stopping a firearm or crossbow from being able to fire, which is not how bayonets work.