Blame It On the Chain

It’s a showdown on the banks of the Hopespring, as a gigantic foe slogs relentlessly through the water towards our desperate and exhausted heroes in our longest episode yet!

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If this AP is played by the book (no idea, don’t own it myself) it’s fucking brutal on prepared casters. My group is always extremely caster-centric (since we like being useful beyond lvl. 10) so this AP would probably play like a character funnel for us. Lose 1-2 PCs per major encounter to come back as new guys with filled slots for the next one.
Incidentally that’s why you don’t do backstories for low level characters 🙂


So fun fact, when you summon something like with Summon Monster, it’s supposed to act immediately, which I’m pretty sure didn’t happen or at least not when he cast it near the end.


re-listening to this one – love me some of this book 1 adventure! it’s been over a year since I heard this… so awesome having Gelabrous bust out the summoning powers! Gary!