Bridge Over Troubled Slaughter

The party celebrates Ascension Day by battling a pair of Stone Giants on a bridge! Meanwhile, another Stone Giant senses something amiss while on guard duty.

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What they SHOULD have done is give Lorc the broom of flying.
Not only could he have used it to get everyone back to civilization, he could have been doing runs with the treasure and the giant’s bag of holding, been selling off treasure in Trunau, been resupplying the team with potions and wands of healing, ands could have been fighting on the broom with the Thorn of Gorum.


I love how the wizard has handicapped himself severely (opposed school: transmutation ; bonded item: staff) and he is still the most effective party member. Especially since he must still be level 7-8.

Btw. big shoutout to Troy for being so honest with the rolls. He doesn’t get nearly enough credit for that. I know so many DM’s who would have fudged that roll.


Clearly the only rational choice should have been to remove more of Lorc’s lower legs and then graft twin peg-legs onto him ‘,:D
(Mostly a joke)