Broom Service

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Btw. I love how the players are all giddy about having a 22 in a main stat. Should be 24-26 by now if you played with normal point buy rules 🙂


I feel so bad for Troy – dice-stealers are the worst! I suspect someone with bad luck stole it to curse it. That narrows down the list of suspects!

And also, why the fuck doesn’t anyone take Craft Wonderous Item? It’s like a top-tier feat in a campaign like this – especially when noone bothered to play a full progression caster (and thus can’t cast teleport yet!)


This is officially the episode where Sir Will killed Della by taking the Earth Elemental belt. I guess it makes sense to give it to a PC whose efficacy is dependent on his ability to stay outside of melee range??

Jim Havoc

“I bought them a 12 pack of Coor’s Lite . . . . and they stole my neon green 20 sided!” A 12 pack of Coor’s Lite? I’d say he’s lucky they didn’t set his apartment on fire! 😉


Did Troy ever get his die back? All jokes aside, I feel bad for the guy.