Cannon Fodder 29

This week Troy and Joe recap the relaxed and whimsical session the crew had this week during Episode 83. They also talk about times in which GMs can target NPCs within a party instead of the PCs, when and when not to allow players free checks if they don’t ask for them and the difference between punishing a character’s foolish and reckless behavior versus rewarding their heroic badassery.

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Doug Sundseth

Falling 2000′ is the same as falling 200′ as far as damage: 20d6 damage, or an average of 70 hp. This is entirely survivable at middle and higher levels for most classes. And having an inspiration to learn a new spell on the spur of the moment is certainly the sort of thing that happens in genre fiction. Run your game any way that you and your players enjoy, but whining by the GM about “overpowered!” whenever the players come up with something is no more appealing to me than having the players whine whenever the GM makes life difficult.… Read more »