Cannon Fodder 30

This week Troy and Joe scratch the surface of Episode 84 or what Joe is calling “the biggest con job Troy has pulled on them yet” and tackle two listener questions about the age old tabletop problem of how to keep gaming groups going when scheduling all the players becomes impossible.

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Doug Sundseth

“This was … straight out of the book.” True, in the sense that all of the NPCs were in the book to begin with. FWIW, I would not consider combining a CR 8+ encounter with a CR 9 encounter for an APL 7- group to be “straight out of the book” in any normal sense, though. This is the sort of thing that causes players to go straight for the most mechanically powerful options in every case. If you want that, great. If you want (as Troy has claimed to want) something more varied, it’s the wrong way to set… Read more »