Cannon Fodder 37

Troy and Joe are joined by not one, but TWO special guests as they sort through the spire drake’s treasure hoard and discuss the pros and cons of having your players explore mostly empty places. Meanwhile, listener mail tackles two really tough questions in depth: is Pathfinder a system that only promotes “power-gaming” and how do you handle the stigma that the “satanic panic” put on tabletop RPGs?

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Don’t need to start a huge debate on this, but I almost feel like the group was giving this question too much effort (although it’s recorded without preparation). A mature adult, religious or otherwise, should be able to handle a fantasy game. If they’ve ever watched a cartoon, played a video game, or read a novel without worshipping a new god or otherwise believing the fiction as reality, they can handle Pathfinder or any other roleplaying game. By over-explaining the game, it almost seems like you’re struggling to make a strong enough argument for its timidity or trying to hide… Read more »