Cannon Fodder 39

Is Troy being too easy on the players now!? Joe challenges Troy on his battlefield tactics in Episode 93 and the two discuss GM strategy in taking PC damage dealers out of the fight. In Listener Mail, the boys break down exactly what goes into to recording your own actual play podcast!

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Doug Sundseth

If the GM goes after the PCs who have the best chance to break the encounter because of out-of-game knowledge, that’s metagaming of the worst sort. It’s no different than a player looking up a monster in a bestiary after the start of an encounter, using the information to find its strengths and weaknesses, and acting on that. Worse than that, it would be _transparently_ unfair on the part of the GM. A GM can murder the PCs at will. With care, a GM can do that without it even being noticed by the players, and any player with any… Read more »