Cannon Fodder 58

This week, Troy and Joe talk about when to hold your action and when not to, Intimidate vs. Diplomacy checks and everyone’s new favorite NPC – Fungfar! In Listener Mail, they discuss adapting characters’ backstories to fit the campaign and due to popular demand, they also bring back Second Chance Theater™ to try out “the real” Pathfinder chase mechanics!

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I feel like you guys missed the point on the listener’s question. She made her character *based on the world the GM’s had created,* and then AFTER that, the GM’s retconned their world into something that made her character irrelevant. The onus here should have been on the GM’s to make her character concept still work, I feel, because the GM’s are the ones that screwed up, not her. Personally, I would tell her to find a different group, because any GM that puts the onus on players to work around *their* mistakes is just flat-out not a good GM.… Read more »