Cannon Fodder 65

Troy and Joe break down the opening moments of the battle with the Black-Headed Beast and discuss ending your session in the middle of combat, adding an aggressive third party to your encounters, and how to handle a dispute over who should get a magical item in your group. In Listener Mail, they get an exciting update from the all-vigilante game and discuss how GMs should endeavor to act when playing in another GMs game.

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Unless the GM is playing an NPC in the adventure, why would they insert themselves into the party’s decisions about splitting up loot?. The party should make all loot decisions, with the “meta” understanding that the things they find written into the adventure are usually there in order for them to have a chance of succeeding. The party should also understand that choosing to sell items is not a given, and that finding other items they might prefer is also not guaranteed, unless there is an available settlement with quite a robust stat-block.