Cannon Fodder 81

Joe fights through the pain and Troy laughs in his face as the guys look back at Lorc’s vision quest. They discuss the upside of less GM prep and more player control in the narrative, why a pre-written adventure is ripe for original “homebrew” content in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, and when/if a TPK should ever mean the permanent end to your Adventure Path.

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For once I think Joe is mostly wrong. The giants threaten the whole world. If the first heroes have fallen, other heroes should pick up the fight and carry on. I agree that just dropping them in at 10th level would feel forced, to fix that I would run a few off-AP backstory adventures to ground the new characters, establish how learned of the failure of the first party, and how they caught up (a la ep 100).


Hey Dell! I like that idea. A few off-AP sessions to get a new party into the story. Great compromise!


What to do with a TPK: In general, I fall along mostly with what Troy was saying. In the event a TPK, really at any level, the GM should work in a realistic way to continue the story with a new set of characters. We are talking about a world with magic (especially divination) and numerous deities that actively affect the world around them, and its not like only the original Trunau (?) 4 were necessarily spurred on to this quest of stopping the Storm Tyrant. The deities, oracles, diviners, even other awful people (e.g., Brander) who want to rule… Read more »


I agree with Joe. TPK after 10th level, that story is done. Bad guys win. Incorporate it into the next adventure maybe, but that’s the way the cracker crumbled

Fred Weisenberger II

Oh man if you guys had a TPK and started a new adventure path I would have a stroke! I can see the reason to, but I must know how this adventure ends! Haha

Leo Ibarrientos

Where are the player controls? =(