Cannon Fodder 86

Cannon Fodder is back with an all new monthly format! It may not be your grandfather’s Cannon Fodder, but the whole gang is in the house to catch everyone up on what they’ve been doing and talk about everything that’s going on in #GCPNation! They discuss starting recording on the Patreon exclusive Ruins of Azlant podcast debuting tomorrow as well as the upcoming Dead Suns podcast arriving in April. To top it off, they are joined in The Attic by Erik Mona and Jason Bulmahn of Paizo, Inc. to talk about game design at Paizo, Jason’s board game recommendations, running homebrews vs. adventure paths, turn of the century science fiction, and the new Starfinder hardcover Pact Worlds! All that and an extra long Listener Mail with the Paizo boys should be more than enough to tide you jackals over until next month! We’re having fun.

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