Cannon Fodder 89

It’s Cannon Fodder LIVE from PaizoCon 2018!! This month’s installment of #fodjuice has it all: Glass Cannon Network announcements, debates, Listener Mail straight from the audience and interviews with Paizo’s own Owen K.C. Stephens, Erik Mona, Jason Bulmahn and Amanda Hamon Kunz! If you missed PaizoCon, you’ll feel like you’re there, except you’ll be far more sober. Probably.

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I have to disagree a bit with Joe’s statement on why shouldn’t characters retire more. On one hand I understand the “realism” aspect, but this is also meant to be a cooperative, fun game and there is a pseudo-contract that exists at a table to make it that way. (Semi)Frequently deciding that your character doesn’t want to be in the story anymore can be very disruptive to the other players, the GM, and the group itself. Regardless of your “character’s” motivations, you should also continue to find a reason to be part of the cooperative story. Now, if it is… Read more »