Cannon Fodder 91

Troy and Joe cover a crazy month on The Glass Cannon Network, talking about tactical choices vs. character choices in combat, managing several storylines in a campaign, the introduction of Four Bears, and the statute of limitations on correcting a tragic rule mistake. In Listener Mail, they answer rapid fire questions LIVE from Twitch and, in the process, reveal more details about their $25,000 Patreon goal!

Become a supporter of the podcast at our Patreon Page. You can help us unlock goals for the future while unlocking fun GCP exclusive rewards for yourself!

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I’m unable to download Cannon Fodder 91 & 92. Anyone else having issues? I’m using Podcast Addict and getting error 403. I also can’t play or download the sound file above.

Anwar Hanano

I’m sad this was casted while I had to go to work. I’m not insane enough to ask off for your twitch times… yet. I can’t wait to say hi to you guys at Pax Unplugged! You guys are amazing and I always love to see your stuff. I hope one day to do some fan art of your characters. I just need to make the time.


It’s great that you guys plan to do video based shows but don’t forget those of us who enjoy the convenience of audio only podcast.
I hope there will be a podcast version of your new shows, just like this CF was : Twitch + podcast feed a bit later.


Ol’ Deadly GM, I am not sure how that’d work for video but don’t you plan to have the same dedicated mics / channels input and maybe some dedicated camera feeds too ?
I would imagine a sound only version of the final edit of the show would be the same top end quality without much additional work. If it was doable without too much hassle, that’ll be the best of both worlds for busy people : convenience of a podcast and you could always catch up the video show. The synergy ! The marketing possibilities !


If you guys want some custom miniatures you should check out hero forge ( Relatively cheap and decent options.

Mark Schwab

“Taking spells like Insect Spies… I just like putting my own twist on it. And it’s not to discourage the players from doing it.”

I’m calling BS on that! We all remember the “beetles fiasco” (as it has come to be known.) I was in my car with tears of laughter streaming down my face, specifically because it was COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT that this was an annoyed GM’s devious ploy to make sure Matthew never, EVER casts that spell again.

Lee Langston

I have to say, I used to hate Pathfinder and that was due to some really bad experiences with the Pathfinder Society at local Cons. There was this group of volunteer DMs who would come to the cons and then brag to each other out in the smoking area about how many TPKs [Total Party Kills] they had managed to accomplish so far. This and some of the players who would try and control and dictate my character’s actions or berate me for not having an “optimized” build for my character. I have to say, that since one of my… Read more »


Like pretty much everything in life, RPGs are more enjoyable with good people that you like being around – and no fun with negative people that you don’t. Glad to hear you stuck with this wonderful game despite your bad experiences.