Cannon Fodder 93

Troy and Joe embark on the biggest Cannon Fodder ever as they pull back the curtain on months of gameplay and business decisions with the Network. They talk Giantslayer and what may come after, the changes to A&A, Emerald Spire pre-production, Pathfinder 2E, new merchandise hitting the store soon, and they answer a slew of questions from the Naish. Crack open a cold can of fodjuice, cuz the boys are back in town!

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Jake from State Farm

As much as I love these guys, this here kind of feels like 1 long PR statement about failed goals and a reduction in quality. I was always quite content with their one and only show, but I feel like many patreon contributors were under the impression that their financial support was going towards better/more content, not failed promises and things that are only going to “grow the business”.


they are just being real with the fans. not blowing rainbows and fairy dust on everything. i honestly appreciate the way they let us know what they “fail” on . And where they want to take it . Also , growing the business goes hand in hand with more / better content . You gotta keep in mind that multiple people from their team literally depend on the success of GCPD to support their families .


You have to realize that they are a business, for some people having only one show by the GCP is good enough, especially when its free. But for others, they want to see more, or they want to see something different. That means that they need to grow the network. sure they could have just focused on their single Giant Slayer AP and they could have taken the patreon money and improved on that one show. However, that’s a serious waste of their resources. Many patreon supports where in fact hoping for better and more content, and the GCP has… Read more »


How did a bunch of interviews with the Columbus Bluejackets end up in the apple podcast feed? They showed up on my podcast list in the Cannon Fodder feed just before this episode dropped.


I know right! like 60 of them. Its a hijack i tells ya!