Captain and Smoke

The crew come face to face with the Corpse Fleet!

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I’d have had her kick Dax’s weapon into the acid pool…


That was awesome! I would love this episode to be animated, it was so badass!


Really enjoyed this fight. Great pod, gang.

When I ran this fight, I played the Corpse Fleet bone troopers in a military fashion. Vera ordered her troops to ‘FOCUS FIRE’ and all 5 bone troopers fired away with full-round magic missiles on a single target. 15d4+15 (that never misses)per round put the FEAR in my players. Its not enough to kill anyone, but it’s fun to make your players quake every now and then.


If you think about the Corpse Fleet, a lot of these guys fought against the bulk of the invading Vesk and Swarm forces and many would be completely badass veterans. After all, if it wasn’t for the heroic efforts of the Eoxian military and the Corpse Fleet, the Pact worlds would all be under the heel of the Veskasarium (or food for the Swarm.)


Can we get Ellie’s cinnamon bun recipe?! Sounds delicious!


Personally, I think of hits to a character’s stamina as close calls. A person can take only so many bullets. I remember playing DnD long ago and running out of ways for a PC to get stabbed that didn’t seem immediately lethal. I like that Starfinder has a mechanic for that with a 10 minute rest letting the character shake it off.