Captains Crunch

The heroes face a battle on two fronts as reinforcements join the already overmatched fight!

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Isn’t Terminus Est made of adamantine or was that retconned?

Also, the more you know about ancient Sparta, the funnier 300 is.

Dan Balm

not sure what the map looks like but did anyone else think they missed a chance to use Matt’s staff to ice the floor and then lure the Rhino down so that it slipped down the corridor and in to one of the traps when they dimension doored back to that room? Even if the damage did not kill it the pit would trap it and take it out of the fight


I mean I’m sure there are five hundred strategies they could have done in that situation that’s like the beauty of pathfinder.


totally but it was just my first thought considering the creature was always going to charge and they had all those pits lol