Chapel of My Eye

With the priestess and her retinue vanquished, the heroes go about searching the rest of the temple, seeking clues as to how Urgathoa worship has seeped into the frost giant training camp.

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Grantt Ennis

I have been listening for two years now, and I have never been as upset as I am now. You took it too far this time, Lavalee – I’ve always appreciated your edgy humour and dry wit; even slow Meryn – but this time you took it too far. And you know that you did. You knowingly sang the first few bars of Stan Bush’s “You’ve got the Touch”, and I’ve had it in my head ever since, humming and singing it for several days. My wife has threatened to kill me in my sleep if I keep doing it.… Read more »


“You’ll never cry to a Rock & Roll song like a Country song” … I’m sorry what? … I’m trying to think of some songs, and I realize now they’re not of the R&R genre… So I guess you win this round Grant, if only because I’m failing to think of something, not that one doesn’t exist. The two that came to mind were Last Kiss by J. Frank Wilson and Teen Angel by Mark Dinning but they’re technically Rhythm & Blues and Pop respectively… I grew up going to car shows with my father and was raised on 50’s… Read more »


The servitors would benefit from the headbands of alluring charisma because they, as undead, use charisma in place of constitution, for example to determine hp, fortitude etc.


Just an FYI, the fire of continual flame is heatless. Otherwise, storing an everburning torch would be problematic at best.

Kyle Ashcraft

Undead use charisma to determine their hp plus other things that relies on a constitution modifier, so hence those headbands being on the mummies.