Checks, Lies, and Videotape

Delving deeper into the underground base, the crew uncover strange new clues about its former inhabitants.

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Every time I hear Qualou’s slow gross voice, I REALLY miss Meishan.


The Nose knows. Everybody Nose.


This pod is best when it’s scary and this cult is crazy scary.


Man the first 20 minutes of this episode is pure gold, yeah it’s fluff but damn it! It’s good. And Troy please give Elli a bottle cap, for her kidney’s sake


No. Just no. Please just get to the science fiction roleplaying already. You can skip right to 20:00 to get into the good stuff.

Justin Reinhardt

But you miss the set up for the ingame jokes. 50% of the humor from playing in a table top game with friends is all the little inside jokes that get created and fed through the campaign.


Oh, I got the set for the jokes., Justin. I’d rather listen to scary explorations and thrilling combat (the reason I listen). I tolerate the typical 10 min of banter at the top, but 20 mins is too much time taken from my weekly fix. Stay focused on the game or we’ll never find the stellar degenerator!