Climb Gonna Git You Sucka

With a new companion in tow, the heroes continue their exploration of the tomb by crossing a gaping chasm.

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I’m honestly really happy to hear joe’s new character doing so great in this ep so far.

Jonathan Higgins

Did you know that once you declare a full round attack you can only stop it after the first attack and only if you are only taking a full round attack action because of a high BaB? When Baron declares a full round attack with the Judge and takes the – 2 to get extra shots from rapid shot, he cannot stop shooting until the action is complete, even if he is just shooting a corpse or if he misfires. You seem to have already ruled on this, but it is an fyi.


What is that armor enchantment?


Phantasmal Expeditious

Kyle Ashcraft

Was thinking from the intro Joe’s new guy would be a brawler but this is still very cool.