Cloudy with a Chance of Mess Hall

As a mammoth stampede causes turmoil throughout the camp, the heroes use the distraction to attempt to strike another critical blow.

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Um… Correct me if I’m wrong, but Righteous Might is not only absent from the Druid spell list, but is also a Personal/You target spell? So how was Matthew able to cast it at all, let alone on Kat Benatar? Yes the Druid gets an ability to cast those types of spells on THEIR animal companions, but not other peoples’ companions… ‘,:lc


Ya, matt shouldn’t have been able to cast Righteous Might on Kat Benatar due to the personal spell restriction that matt is probably not aware of.

Fairaza can actually cast Righteous Might though because he took the Growth subdomain rather than have an animal companion.


“the cleaver sparking off the wood!” … Wait what? ‘,:l

Danny Krog

Hi!first time posting
I was just wondering the reason why Lorc’s Kat B doesn’t use the ranger favored enemy and terrain as per normal animal companion rules for rangers?

Thanks for a great show!
And remember to download Wayfinder from For the price of free! A fantastic fan-zine which I have been so fortunate to help illustrate once in a while!

Leif Arne Bastesen

Kay shouldn’t have been AoO’d. The ogre cook hadnt acted in combat yet, so she was flatfott3d, and thus cannot perform an AoO

Leif Arne Bastesen

… kat*


Was anybody hopeing beyond hopeing that they would hear “FOR HIGHBERRY” and just see sir will charging into the giants leading the knights of highberry and the knights of osim