Collapse in Judgment

With the crack in the ceiling between levels staring them in the face, the party must decide the best way to proceed now that they’ve been discovered.

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So ummmm where is today’s new episode? Did I miss some announcement they were skipping this week?

Anthony Adam

You made it! 1,000,000 seconds of Giantslayer podcasts (1,003,737 to be exact) – that’s 11 days, 14 hours, 48 minutes and 57 seconds non stop mayhem to enjoy. Well done guys, well done indeed.

Karl Cross

Can you post the first few episodes of the Pathfinder 2ed game on youtube before you put them behind a pay wall so we can see what these new players are like?

As a subscriber (I use a different name on twitch) to your twitch channel will I have access to the Pathfinder 2ed episodes?


It’s unlikely they would link twitch with this content. As far as I am aware it’s patreon only content, they might post the first episode up on youtube and other places, but not likely.

Karl Cross

Ya, that is what I am thinking also. I am hoping otherwise.


So the “this week” is from last week’s episode, but it’s definitely a new episode.


Yeah, I thought at first the wrong episode had been uploaded :’)


Oh good – I was feeling very confused 🙂