Can’t Hardly Crate

Reeling from a vicious attack by two akatas, the crew of the Hippocampus continue their exploration of the Acreon.

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Jesseca King

I can’t resist but, (near the end of the episode) “Let it go. Let it go. ” (Frozen)


Great episode! I’m a bit confused by the looping background audio, though. It sounds as if someone’s eating chips continuously throughout the whole episode!

Doug Sundseth

Creatures, even very large creatures, don’t block line of effect. They do provide cover. If there are many, many people or “people” in the way, the GM might reasonably rule that the target has Improved Cover, but I’d be really hesitant to make that ruling in a typical combat.

Justin Reinhardt

Is it me, or has Skid never used his Trick Attack?


I want to know more about this mysterious power Dax has to speak in a vacuum