Crowd Control From Della’s Mom

A risky illusion leads the heroes to an all out brawl with four fire giants!

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The pun-fu is strong in this title.


Casting spells is a -20 penalty to stealth so it cancels out the invisibility bonus.

Copy and paste from the invisibility section in the glossary :
“In combat or speaking –20”

That means the giants have a chance to know what square you’re in, however since they can’t see you they still have a 50% miss chance.

I’m just trying to save you guys some research time.


Even paralyzed people can still roll a reflex save. Your dex modifier just becomes a -5 for the save. Reflex saves aren’t actions. “Actions” are a specific game term, which isn’t the same as the dictionary use of the word.

PS: Great show guys.


Where do you get that from? it doesn’t make sense. Why would Reflex save be needed on area of effect spells if it isn’t to do with movement? Why would more dexterity based characters have more in reflex saves if it wasn’t because of their reflexes? If you are paralysed, then of course you shouldn’t have a reflex save. REFLEX “These saves test your ability to dodge area attacks and unexpected situations. Apply your Dexterity modifier to your Reflex saving throws.” PARALYZED A paralyzed character is frozen in place and unable to move or act. A paralyzed character has effective… Read more »


If you start off not being seen then you can roll stealth vs their perception so if you start off in darkness, and they don’t have darkvision then you get one attack that makes them flatfooted. After that first attack the giant would know where he was if he is no longer in darkness. If he is still in darkness when he makes the attack the giant would know what square he is in, however the attacker who is in darkness still benefits from the giant having to overcome a 50% miss chance. As for hold monster there is will… Read more »