Curse Your Enthusiasm

Attempting to follow the urgings of an animated dwarven skull, the party’s progress through the mountain tomb is suddenly cut short.

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Barron: Look at that.
Pembroke: Steady as a rock.
Barron: Yeah, but I shoot with this hand.


Lol Troy is so full of shit.


As much as it pains me to say, I’m with Troy on this. I chrunched all the math on how many attacks he gets on average per round under both systems. His exlpected attacks per round is just slightly lower that with a 50% chance to not take any actions, plus he can actually move and defend hismself after stopping his full attacks once he misfires and moves into a game of quick clearing and standard action shooting. Sounds reasonable once you crunch all the conditional probablies, like I’m totally sure Troy also did (/s). Turns out people who knee… Read more »


I feel like you can’t be afraid to go at someone. Just because it’s Barron this time doesn’t mean you have to get the others in this episode. There will be other powerful spells that really hinder certain players later. And it affected one attack roll. Gygax would be proud haha


Really I’m surprised more people aren’t commenting on the permanent -3 to ALL ability scores. Crazy. Can’t wait to see how this plays out


I don’t have any issue with how Troy handled it. I look back on all the times the group got their own spells horridly wrong (hopefully not on purpose) or left out important details, all of which would go in the GM’s favor. Troy overpowering a single spell for one combat is not at all a big deal. Barron could have switched to the crossbow, just deal with the need to quick clear, or provide himself with a solid means to remove curse. I imagine that most people that are totally up in arms (1) have not seriously GM’d before… Read more »


Troy also bypassed the need to roll the caster check on Break Enchantment afterwards. Was he just being nice or did once again a party spellcaster conveniently leave out an important part of a spell that would go against them? The no-check on break enchantment was just as overpowered as the curse, imo.


nah, the curse was fine. If Barron bothered to carry a bow he wouldn’t even need to worry

Nathan B

Flagrant abuse of power by GM’s is how games end. It’s one thing to want to curb an overpowered player; it’s another thing entirely to target him with a flagrant abuse of power in a vain attempt to neuter his character. It doesn’t matter that the curse only lasted one combat; they’re 11th-12th level, that’s par for the course. The intent behind it is the problem; it was clearly an exertion of power for its own sake. That curse was nowhere near on the same power level as the other effects. By jamming his gun every other attack, you are… Read more »


I think the situation is a little different here. This is a show, all the players realise that even though they may not like something Troy does, he always has the show in mind. Here I believe he was simply trying to create a sense of terror, the problem was the effect was not in line with the actual spell, this is Pathfinder not 5e, creating a 45% misfire chance is not in line with 50% to act normally, it’s much worse. GMing is so hard, I’m new to it, made so many mistakes that my players have had to… Read more »

Geoff G

And with that ending, Troy single handily ended the GCP.


This is not a pickup group at a Convention. They will be fine.

Patrick C

Bestow Curse You place a curse on the subject. Choose one of the following. -6 decrease to an ability score (minimum 1). -4 penalty on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill checks. Each turn, the target has a 50% chance to act normally; otherwise, it takes no action. You may also invent your own curse, but it should be no more powerful than those described above. I feel like Troy left off a major piece of the description here, namely “it should be no more powerful than those described above.” I get that the GM rules over all and… Read more »

Geoff G

Agreed, I think that he made that curse a little too potent. Firearms have a 10% misfire chance. Alchemical cartridge makes it 20%. already that is a high chance of failure. increasing it to 45% misfire, a critical failure for a gunslinger, is too powerful for a curse.


Break Enchantment -“must make a caster level check to break the curse”. Just as bad. The players OP their own spells ALL THE TIME. The group whines about everything and takes no flack for all they mess up that could have altered outcomes severely.

The one thing that is constant in 186 episodes is that they aren’t very particular about the rules for spellcasting and spells. Its fine. This is an entertainment podcast.


Lol yeah nah mate. Troy screwed the pooch. It’s absurdly off spec. I mean, yeah the bitching is fine when it’s the players, because of the inherent power imbalance of GM>PC’s.