Daughter’s Ship Down

With Pigi abducted by a pair of mysterious Drow, the crew of the Sarissa are left short-handed as they stand outside the abandoned SecuriTech Building. But for how long?

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Is it just me, or Is the audio on the video all over? It made it very hard to watch and actually hear. I did enjoy the episode though.


What an interesting turn of events! I really like the new player. Her role playing is impressive to listen to and I’m really interested in her character. When she was RP’ing with Ellie, the talent contrast between the two girls was stark.

BUT Man, 6 players is a lot. It’s going to make ship combat a cakewalk (even more so). Troy will probably have to add +4 to ac, BAB, saves and +40hp to the encounters.


I see the difference. But I’m going to wave the flag for Ellie here. The new player may have more improv, skills – but she doesn’t have that incredible ‘swedish straight-man underdog’ chemistry that Ellie brings to the group. The ‘Giants’ series *sometimes* plods, but Ellie is one of the reasons why ‘Androids’ doesn’t.

Oh man, I remember when Ellie read out those scripted Cosmo put-downs on air. And when she mis-pronounced Chiss-Kiss (!). I loved her banter with Troy this episode.


Great point about the ship combat. Those fights need to be way tougher anyway.


I hope Paizo balances the ship encounters for future APs. the Dead Suns ship encounters are ridiculously easy.


Man I didn’t think it would go this way. I miss that climbing bastard already…


This is for the best. The Drow should have abducted Pigi way back on Castrovel.


Agreed. Mac was a great character and Linneia gives us a chance to revisit Mac’s intruiging backstory.

As previously discussed – Troy missed a golden opportunity to put PG in *genuine* danger in the Broken Lands cable fight. He could have had PG seized by that winged predator for real tension and risked have PG fall to a hugely memorable death – after all, Linneia was waiting in the wings anyway.