Desperately Seeking Crewman

The crew tries to regroup after suffering an unexpected loss.

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I gotta pipe up on the ship upgrade. There is no defense like a good offense. Also, starship combat can be super tedious. That being said, at Tier 5, you can install what I like to call The Lightbringer Cannon. Remove all other weapons, add a second mount to the turret, upgrade them both to heavy, and install dual twin lasers. That’s 10d8 damage in any direction. You’ll need to upgrade your power core and can also tack on the 120 shields. You’ll also have enough BP to put HE missiles on the front for bonus damage when you do… Read more »

Anthony Adam

Congratulations! A quarter million seconds of AA has now been achieved! 56 more sessions on average to the magic half a million. 😛

James A Reece

… Dax should turn off his *ocular* devices? You mean auditory, yes?


UPB is also good to have in far away systems that may not accept or understand AbbadarCorp standard credits. UPB can just be formed into GOLD.


Great pod, guys! I’ll miss Meishan, but I have the feeling her story isn’t over yet, as her father is still out there some place. Can’t wait to meet the new hero.

Christopher Clayton

The same could have been said for Mac’s daughters, though.


UPB can be used to craft items and weapons. It’s basically a store anywhere, especially nice when you’re far from civilization or in a hole somewhere and you need a rope. It’s a good idea to walk around with a few thousand in case you need to McGyver yourself out of trouble. Super cool, actually.

Justin Reinhardt

Yeah, it would make sense to have a 3D printer on your starship – the crew on the ISS has one.


Indeed. UPB is an unsung hero of Starfinder. My party had to defeat an Outsider on their ship with regeneration/Chaotic and could cast planetary teleport so they felt they had to end the thing… of course none of them a weapon that dealt chaos damage. So the Solarian casually stomped the downed Outsider for 4 hours while the mystic and operative used UPB to craft a cheap anarchic dagger to kill it. UPB made the dream work! PCs can create anything as long as they have UPB, 4 hours and the RANKS = ITEM LEVEL. This also includes drugs like… Read more »