Doctor Where

The crew gets caught up in the search for a missing professor who specializes in the information they seek.

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Fun episode this week. It’s about to get harsh I the jungle though.

Matt Cherukara

I feel like Alabians 212 gets a bad rap. Sure, he has some controversial views, but he tried to help the PCs last episode, except he couldn’t because Muhali was punishing him. Then he gives them a bunch of money, and some useful advice about Ukalam.


It seems that while he’s kind of a dick about his intelligence, his point about the Lashuntas and Formians would be like pointing out ways that Nazi Germany could’ve won WWII. It’s not saying “This is what should’ve happened”, so much as saying “If they wanted to win this is what they should have done.” The first implies that killing all the Formians (he doesn’t even imply this, but let’s say he did) would have ended with a better outcome, while the second doesn’t. Him being as logical as he, he likely understands the benefit the Formians have been to… Read more »


Computers is used to detect forgery…oh they figured it out. 🙂