Don’t Perceive the Snipe

Chasing down the source of the sniper fire within the ancient elven statue, the team is greeted in the darkness by a grenade.

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Love the music in this episode, anyone have any idea where I could find it?


I believe it was all just from Syrinscape.


I’m sure Friss weighes more than 10lbs. His body + his equipment are at least 7 bulk.

“Estimating Bulk

As a general rule, an item that weighs around 5 to 10 pounds is 1 bulk (and every multiple of 10 is an additional bulk), an item weighing a few ounces is negligible, and anything in between is light. An awkward or unwieldy item might have a higher bulk.”


I was thinking that myself; tedious as it may be, wouldn’t his equipment alone be more than a single bulk? His armor?


He can store 1 bulk of stuff alone in his cheek pouches!