Don’t Tell Mom Her Baby’s More Than Dead

While Barron and Dalgreath recover from the physical and emotional wounds of the throne room battle, two strangers arrive at Skirgaard looking for the Sheriff of Trunau.

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Is there ever a time where one of Matthew’s female voices DOESN’T sound like Batman? Because since he plays women consistently, his dropping an octave every time he starts a new character is reaching new heights of ridiculousness.
I just keep picturing hos acting tracker begging him, just BEGGING, “Please Matthew, PLEASE… just give me some kind, ANY kind of accent.”
And Matthew rumbles out with a voice so deep it could shatter stone: “I’M UMLO!!!”


“…his acting teacher.”

Stupid phone.


Matthew’s Metra voice sounds like Nebula

Matt Sanchez

I’m so glad Metra is in the party now; it’s almost like Della came back turbo-charged and slinging pure magical wrath!

Justin Hadsel

Holy S@#$… I have no idea what is going on, but I love it.

Geoff Garrett

Chills, Goosebumps, and shivers. These are all things that ending gave me. This story just reached the next level for me!

Barry McIvor

Aaaaand that’s the Book of the New Sun up for a re-read between this callout and Gene Wolfe’s passing… (thanks, Skid!)