Dream Reavers

As infighting threatens to destroy the party from within, they face the even greater challenge of infiltrating the cathedral.

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At this point any sane player (no offense intended) would either re-spec Will or kill him off. Charge into the building, go out in a blaze of glory. You can re-spec also, but his stats are sort of crap for most other roles.
You even have a replacement standing by in the storyline (the captured villagers, one of whom turned out to be a lvl. 8 cleric/oracle/shaman hurray!)


Only a Munchkin thinks like that. It really sucks that Will is awful now but Joe made that decision to treat demon blood like a drug and like he was getting addicted. Will as a character wouldn’t just commit suicide because he lost his gods favor. He would double-down and try to Atone as nearly any Paladin would do. Or go fully evil and become an anti-Paladin. Killing off a character because they’ve become Gimped by your(the players) choices is an immediate kick from my group. Grow up.


The moment with Gelabrous is one of my absolute favorites in the entire podcast so far. Skid’s rp skills never cease to amaze me.

Bryce Pape

Check your grammar on the short description of this episode! Simple repeated word is all!