Drifty Shades of Gray

Deep within the Drift, the crew comes face to face with a ship belonging to the Azlanti Star Empire!

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Very fun episode. I really love starship combat in SF, however, beyond the first 2 fights, the Dead Suns starship combat encounters are completely unbalanced. The PCs think they’re badass, but in truth the encounter is too easy for them. The starship encounters for the rest of the AP are so easy that they are almost a waste of time. With 5 crew members, this makes the problem with Dead Suns ship combat worse. This is not Troy’s fault and I think Paizo wants to make sure the unique rules don’t create a barrier to the fun. However, Troy would… Read more »


You can’t send transmissions to the Pact Worlds from the drift without an Unlimited Comm unit. Letting the party send messages this way is like giving them a 32,000 credit item FOR FREE.


The Fearful Symmetry

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This may be my favorite episode thus far; Space Combat is what really sets Starfinder apart from Pathfinder, and it is so cool to see the PC’s engage in their roles on the ship.