Elementally, Mud Dear Watson

With the Vault of Thorns behind them, the adventurers begin their trek back to the Chelish Devil. Little do they know, however, that Ghostlight Marsh has one last surprise in store for them.

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I know this is a very old episode but couldn’t Golabrus use the armor to become giant before he casts spiritual weapon so that the spiritual hammer is the giant version?

Alfie Solomons

If only spells worked that way. Spell damage is not based on size. Spiritual weapon makes a spectral image of your dietity’s favored weapon but the damage is based on the spell, not what type of weapon the spell looks like. By the same token a small caster gets the same damage as a large caster since magic doesn’t scale like physical damage does.


Dont feel bad guys elementals are tough especially huge sized


Joe should stop hanging out with Wil Wheaton. Or start. I dunno, I knew his joy over acquiring that Greatsword was misplaced.