Elf Defense Techniques

The jungle opens up to reveal an ancient monument rising above the ruins of an enormous plaza.

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Eric H

I now have a compulsion to randomly shout “Tumsy!”


PG could do a few things if she is feeling a little lackluster in combat. Because she doesnt have a drone I assume she is an Exocortex mechanic but I don’t remember her ever using it’s primary ability combat tracking to increase her base attack bonus (would be +1 at lvl 4). Also the exo grants her long arm proficiency/specialization which will out perform her multi attack pistol method most days. If she wants pistols for the roleplay thats cool, but its usually less optimal even with the feat and she now has to upgrade multiple small arms instead of… Read more »


You can’t spam Daze.

“After a creature has been dazed by this spell, it is immune to it for 1 minute.”


Did you say Fantasy Grounds? I am so happy to hear that if you did !!!!!!!!!!!