Engrossed in the Machine

Having defeated the mongrel Rebuilt, the crew continue their search of the ancient clinic.

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The Broken Lands is gonna be great!


Who’s gonna fall to their doom? Place your bets, ladies and gents!


Captain K… most def. I wonder how Troy would figure out the damage for falling to the center of a gas giant? The gas would get more dense as the PC falls… If Troy is feeling generous, there is a chance of survival. The PC will experience a tremendous amount of heat damage from friction against the dense gas (like reentry), but will get to the point where the PC’s body is less dense than Istamak’s inner atmosphere. This means the PC that fell would just be stuck floating until rescue.


PG must be the most fragile frontline fighter in the universe. Need some better armor and more CON!


Grant “killed” it for the advertisement this week.


I’m looking forward to their reactions when they encounter the “primitives” in the temple.