Ettin Down to Business

After successfully sneaking into the cathedral, the party faces a terrible threat as more mysteries begin to unfold.

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NIce with a bit more silly episode now and again. Troy really sounds like he’s having a blast 🙂


Troy, those lip smacking sounds you make into the microphone are the worst thing you have ever done. I didn’t believe the rest of the cast when they billed you as the most evil person alive, but after this I have no doubt in my mind.


I realize that the big thing with Infernal Healing is mainly story related now, but one of my first thoughts when it came up and there was unrest about it… Was that there is a likewise Celestial Healing which can use either the blood of a good outsider or even just holy water… It’s the same level of spell and on the same list as Infernal Healing. ‘,:l


Having a button/option to toggle for divine casters who loose their powers is actually a pretty neat idea. ‘,:lc