Ewigga, Please!

Battered and spent from their ruthless battle with the Brambleblight, the heroes try to muster what little strength they have left to fight tooth and nail against an elusive and disturbingly powerful traitor in their very midst!

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I love listening to these combats. The players are SO into it and keep nagging on Troy. I for one feel he is very fair – that combat last episode he could have easily done a TPK. I just don’t get why the players keep saying the encounters are unfair when their characters are so unoptimized and they keep doing silly stuff instead of fighting. The AP would be hilariously easy if this group could steamroll them (no offense meant). Not that I mind, it make for a much more entertaining podcast (and I assume that’s the reason it’s done).… Read more »


Playing through this already. I was anticipating the moment when Troy turned Ewigga on them. I had Ewigga attack them during the dragonfly encounter.


I have critically confirmed that you could not PAY me to play a campaign DM’d by Troy… I would have walked by now.


Hey RennisTora, How about you stop commenting negatively on all these episodes? If you want to give constructive critique, that’s fine, but simply replying how much you don’t like it isn’t fun for anyone, and I’m sure that includes you. Even if you keep doing it, please realize that the crew probably won’t care, if they even read it. You’re only annoying their audience, driving us into defense mode and making us remember how much we do like the GCP Crew and why. So, you know, do with that information what you like. Maybe try and see the fun they… Read more »

Eric Harper

I Really like the Podcast but there have been a few moments that (As a forever DM) I feel was illogical and way more dificult then it was suppose to be. I made many mistakes that almost led to a TPK (Had a Mimic encounter where i forgot to tell them about a box of Alcohol in the room, and misunderstood the adhesive Rules) It Happens… as long as they are having fun and characters don’t die due to your mistake.


@RennisTora a campaign without striff and hardshi0s for the pcs where the actually can fail to overcome the challenge is the best kind of game. If you are a true gamer you would have realized that good story is better than any rule in the book i feel bad for anyone who has to game with someone who is ao focuses on the rules that they set the story on the back burner.


True gamer? Really?