Fast Climbs at Ashpeak High

The battle with the fire giant guards rages on!

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Anthony Adam

Just catching up after a week off – the update on this episode is you are now on average just 8.7 sessions away from that millionth Giantslayer second of podcast. You are currently at 961,194 seconds total, adding an average of 4,470 seconds per episode.

Brendan Decicio

Fantastic job this week guys! Loved this combat, got super pumped listening to it. Oh and your early banter was hilarious! Not that you needed it, but just wanted to let you know you’ve been shortchanging yourself on your bane damage. Noticed it on the last Raider’s episode, but this ep confirmed it. Yeah, bane gives +2d6 which isn’t multiplied on a crit but you guys have forgotten that the +2 enhancement bonus from bane applies to damage as well, and that +2 IS multiplied on a crit. Not the biggest of deals, but I love hearing the boys CRUSH… Read more »