Fête Accompli

Hoping to learn more about the local Eoxian inhabitants, the crew heads to a party.

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Why didn’t anyone make a Ooingo Boingo reference when they met the mask guy at the party.

It’s literally a Dead Man’s Party.


I love the way they find ways to work the characters’ backstories into a pre-made adventure. Also, I like the way an apparently throw away line of Troy’s about a party snowballed into a diversion for a whole session.


Lol. “Going as an undead couple”. Makes me think of the Morticia and Gomez-esque look. XD


*snap snap! 🙂


Troy, you did a GREAT job on the party. I applaud your creativity! Super scary stuff and I love it!

Can we get back to the AP, though? The progression of this chapter has been pretty slow over the recent episodes. The RP is great, keep it up, but there should be at least SOME development toward the thrilling climax of Splintered Worlds. No one shows up to a Pathfinder/Starfinder session to experience 0% story progression (like this episode). Even total RP sessions should move the progress forward.


I respectfully disagree. The whole point of this is entertainment, not efficiency in completing the AP. I mean, I get what you’re saying, but if it’s entertaining, why let it bother you? One of the best session I’ve ever run involved one player making an off-handed remark in-character that it was their character’s birthday. We spent the entire 4-hour session planning an insane, drug- and alcohol-addled party. It was great!


That’s fair. I believe I am just impatient to get to ‘the juicy stuff’. I’ve GM’ed this entire AP and can’t wait to get to hear the next story beat. At this rate, this AP will drag on for 3 years! 😀


I’m getting a serious vibe of the masque of the red death here.