Flies, You Fools!

As we celebrate our 50th episode, Barron’s fate is up in the air. The heroes battle an oversized dragonfly a hundred feet above a maggoty midden heap!

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Eric Harper

I am just now trying to catch up on the podcast and I’ll say i think it is completely illogical that a Medium Creature (as the Ultramarine chaser is labeled) could realistically lift another medium sized creature and continue flying. There should be a a lift limit based on his STR which is not above the 190lb’s that Barron weighs. A case could be made as to Gormly as she is a Witch that grows lighter as she is stronger, etc..
I’m a forever DM and just don’t see anything corroborating this.

dan balm

Death happens in life, and in roleplay. I will own not really getting this character until she faced the lover who scorned her… but from that moment i was a fan. Including her moments with rag….
Either way you really stumbled into story gold.

Justin M Wallace

So Gormly shouldn’t feel bad, there are many parties that legitimately die to this encounter. ENTIRE PARTIES, so yea. I’m proud to see our first character death and both an Animal Companion and Familiar died too. Thank you for dying for my entertainment.

We will miss you….Howey


I know I’m fairly far behind and catching up, so who knows what’s happened in more recent episodes but I will say this…
Resurrection is only a level 7 Cleric spell, so either the party could do that themselves, or find an NPC who can do it.

Justin M Wallace

They are 5th level, 7th level Cleric spell would mean Galabris would need to be 14th level to have access to resurrection.

Even Raise Dead is a 5th Level cleric spell, so he’d need to be 10th.

Most NPCs are extremely rare about 9th level and it’d cost a butt load. It is doable for Raise Dead but it’d be hard pressed to find.
Personally, if a party member dies before 9th level it’s honestly just better to roll a new character than GM Fiat some way to raise dead in.


Kind of wondered why neither of their casters summoned a flying creature to run interception from earlier on? ‘,:lc